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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent an RV?

Give us a call at 571-367-9223 or email us at for a quote! Additionally, you can also create a quote through our website by selecting a specific unit.

What constitutes a rental day?

We rent per day. For example, picking up Monday and returning on Thursday would be a 4-day rental. You can pick up as early as 9AM if you would like an in-person orientation (or as early as you want on pickup day if you would prefer to watch the virtual walkthrough) and return as late as 3PM.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed in motorhomes that have a paw on the corner of the screen. If there is an ‘X’ over the paw, it means the unit is not pet friendly. There is also a pet fee to cover the cost of extra cleaning in the motorhome.: $99 for cleaning, and $10 per day per pet.

Is there campground you would recommend close to your rental location?

Bull Run Park, Lake Fairfax, or Shenandoah National Park are all great campgrounds for any renters- first time or not!

Can I use my own insurance to rent your RV?

We accept State Farm, USAA, and Erie insurance for RV rentals. Most other companies do not cover RV rentals, so you would have to purchase our provided third-party insurance for the duration of your rental.  Insurance rates may vary depending on the vehicle rented.  We offer 3 insurance protection packages:

  • Basic: State minimum liability protection, up to $100,000 in property damage protection, windshield coverage protection.
  • Essential: State minimum liability protection, up to $150,000 in property damage protection, windshield coverage protection.
  • Peace of Mind: Up to $1 million liability protection, up to $250,000 in property damage protection, windshield coverage protection.

Are there additional charges with RV rentals?

Our daily rental rates for each unit are listed on our website, and you receive 50 miles and 3 hours of generator use per day with the rental. Additional mileage is 32 cents per mile. Generator use is $5.00 per hour after the allotted amount is consumed. There is also a mandatory cleaning fee with each rental, and a mandatory dump fee of $75 to ensure the black and grey waste tanks are emptied, flushed, and sanitized upon your return.

What are the requirements to drive a motorhome?

To rent and/or drive motorhome rentals, one must be 25 years of age or older and possess a valid driver’s license from their state of residence. No special class or permit is required.

Do you deliver/pick up RVs or do one-way rentals?

We do offer delivery and pickup, priced at $2 per mile with a minimum charge of $200. We also offer one-way rentals. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

What are the pickup and drop off times?

You may pick up your RV anytime between 9AM and 4PM on the first day of your rental if you request an in-person orientation. Please contact us as soon as possible to schedule a pickup time. If you would prefer to pick up your unit outside of these hours/contactless pickup, you may watch the virtual walkthrough video instead. Motorhomes are due back by 3PM on the last day of your rental. Customers who are not able to return by 3PM must inform us by phone, email, or text. Late returns between 3PM and 11PM will incur a $150 late fee. Returns after 11PM on the last day of your rental are prohibited and will incur a charge of an extra day plus insurance, if applicable.

What is your cancellation policy?

A rental deposit on the RV is due at the time of booking. This ensures that you receive the RV of your choice for the dates you request. If you decide to cancel your booking after you have paid the rental deposit:

  • 30 days or more before your rental: full refund
  • 30-14 days before your rental: 50% refund
  • 14-0 days before your rental: no refund

What is the amperage needed to hook up the motorhome?

Most of our units require 30amp connection, however some larger units will require 50amp connection. We will inform you of this during your walkthrough, but we will provide the necessary power cord for your rental period, and power cord adapters at your request.

Does the motorhome have an on-board generator?

All our RVs come with on-board generators. Generators are needed when the motorhome is not plugged into shore power, and you need to run your microwave, TV, AC, or outlets. You will receive 3 hours of generator time free per day of your rental. Additional hours are paid upon your return at $5.00 per hour.

Do your travel trailers have on board generators?

Our travel trailers do not come with on-board generators, but we do offer small, medium, and large generators you can rent with your trailer.

What is a security deposit?

The security deposit is a temporary hold on your account that is held from one day before your pickup until after your return. It is used to cover any additional expenses over the estimated trip costs, such as mileage or generator overage, gas tank filling, or damage. If the damage is estimated to be more than the security deposit amount, an insurance claim is filed, and the security deposit acts as the deductible. The security deposit is $1,000 for RVs and $500 for travel trailers. The security deposit remains a pending transaction for the duration of your rental., and you will not be charged unless there are overages or damage upon your return.

When do I expect to get my security deposit back?

The security deposit is released within 5-7 business days of your return, in the event there are no damages or overages.

Is smoking allowed in the motorhome?

Smoking is NOT allowed in any of our rental units. A minimum deodorizing fee of $500.00 WILL be charged for odor caused by smoking.

What is the difference between a ‘Class A,’ ‘Class B,’ and ‘Class C’ motorhomes?

Class C motorhomes have a truck chassis on the front, as well as a cab-over bed. This class is the most economical and has a greater variety of floorplans to fit your needs.

Class A motorhomes are bus-style and have a flat front with a large windshield. They are built with higher ceilings, providing a more luxurious ambiance. They also include larger tanks, and most Class A RVs have hydraulic leveling systems.

Class B motorhomes are similar to sprinter vans, and usually only sleep 2 people comfortably. They often contain a wet bath, and sometimes no bathroom at all. The fridge and stove will also be much smaller in these units, and you have little to no freezer space.

What happens if the motorhome breaks down while I am on vacation?

Ace RV Rentals stands by the roadworthiness of the vehicle you are renting. In the unlikely event of a mishap, we provide a third-party coachnet roadside assistance program available 24 hours a day to assist you to getting back on the road. You may also contact our office during regular business hours in the event something goes wrong, or you have any questions. We cannot guarantee a breakdown free trip, but we will do our best to get you back on the road in a timely manner.

What kind of gas mileage should I expect from the motorhome?

Gas mileage varies depending on the type of motorhome rented and the travel conditions.

Class B motorhomes usually get between 12-15 miles per gallon.

Small (25-28ft) Class C motorhomes get between 9-12 miles per gallon.

Large (29-33ft) Class C and Class A motorhomes will get between 6-8 miles per gallon.

What are kits?

Kits are our kitchen kits, utility kits, housekeeping kits, or convenience kits. Kitchen kits typically include dishes, pots, pans, silverware, and cutlery. Housekeeping/Linen kits typically include sheets, towels, blankets, and pillows.

What is the house battery/ what do I use it for?

The house battery is the initial power for everything in your unit, and will power your lights, awning, slide-outs, fans, and fridge (if not plugged into shore power). The house battery charges when the motorhome is running the generator, running the engine, or plugged into shore power.

Does the motorhome come equipped with GPS?

Our RVs do not come with navigation systems, but some are equipped with a Dual Mirror system, so that you can connect your phone’s screen to the RV’s radio screen (similar to Apple Carplay).

Does the motorhome have a TV?

All our motorhomes have at least one TV. Large Class C and Class A motorhomes have at least three TVs.

Is it possible to travel in the winter in the colder areas?

Yes, however our motorhomes are winterized from mid-November to late March. This means we have completely drained the water and holding tanks and filled them with RV Antifreeze. This will prevent the tanks and pipes from freezing and bursting. If you chose to have your rental motorhome de-winterized (so that you can use your sink, shower, and toilet) it will incur a $50 de-winterization fee. You will need to exercise extreme care and caution while traveling in a de-winterized motorhome during frigid weather. You will need to always run the heater (even when not actively using the unit) to protect the tanks and pipes from freezing. If the pipes or tanks freeze or burst during your rental period, please note you will be held responsible for all damage and repairs, as this type of damage is not often covered by your insurance.